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Share A Smile Program

Meet Luciana L., Our Share A Smile Recipient!

Share A Smile Recipient Spotlight: Luciana

Patients frequently visit our practice whose personalities resonate with us for years after. A smile can be absolutely life-changing for someone who has been without one because the smile is often the first thing people notice. Refraining from smiling or giving others the wrong impression through your smile can have a significant impact on your career, love and social life, confidence, and so much more. We offered our Share A Smile program to help someone struggling in our community, and Luciana’s story stood out.

For one month, we accepted applications from local individuals in need of a complete smile restoration. We received nearly 200 applications from people of various backgrounds and dental needs. Sifting through all of the applications was heartbreaking and conducting interviews and exams with our top candidates was even harder. Ultimately, there was one woman who needed this transformation so much to better her life, whose teeth were all missing or broken, and who experienced pain almost all the time.

Luciana Lane, 43-years old, is a people person. She loves her job — she’s a receptionist at a retirement community and enjoys interacting with the residents and getting to know them personally. Luciana has wanted to apply for other roles to move up within her company but has always held back because of the embarrassment she feels from her smile. She expressed that a brand-new smile would provide her with everything needed to pursue her career dreams and take on the world. Outside of work, her smile has affected just about every other aspect of her life. She feels uncomfortable dating because she doesn’t want to get questions about her smile and poor oral health. She isn’t as social as she’d like to be and feels self-conscious when out in public.

After meeting Luciana, we knew the new smile was meant for her. She should have a smile that matches her warm and infectious personality, and we knew this would have a significant positive impact on the areas with which she has been struggling. The full-arch restoration, using dental implants, will give Luciana the jump start she needs to reclaim her life and accomplish her dreams. In the coming months, she will have a series of appointments to develop her treatment plan and complete her new set of teeth, and we can’t wait!

As part of the Share A Smile program, we partnered with Dr. Melanie Andrews and the team at NDX nSequence to ensure our candidate receives the smile she deserves. We are incredibly thankful to these talented people for their commitment to helping those less fortunate in the community and their continued support of our practice and patients. We couldn’t have done this program without them, and we are honored to be going through this life-changing process for Luciana in partnership with them.